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except LAY really. really. where did you even get LAY from. where. but oh my god so many feelings. so either it's this kid or it's someone with the same name and same face and is also in SM lmfao but slkgjsdlkgjsdgsdgsd I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF.

I DON'T KNOW WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I FELT LIKE THIS. CANNOT HANDLE. oh my god and some of his younger kid pictures are the most adorable thing ever I'M SORRY IF TLIST BUT UM UM UM.

feelings. so many feelings. what is this. help. 张艺兴 45 minutes ago i didn't even know your name but now i need to know EVERY THING ABOUT YOU.

(ps 91 baby all is well. 90 would have been better BUT I CAN DEAL)

(also fun fact when romanized his first name is the same as my (girl) cousin's and we share a last name :c's also like the most common last name ever so it was statistically likely BUT CLEARLY THIS WAS FATE)

And now I have to be functional tomorrow how do I do this what do I do with all these feelings oh my god.

..................send help ;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;
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SO B1A4SS IS FINALLY OVER. I CAN BREATHE AGAIN. IT NO LONGER FEELS LIKE I AM SHACKLED BY FIC. My last two weeks of December were absolutely, utterly ridiculous. Family dinner on the 19th, I think I wrote my own fic on the 20th-21st (after finally completely scrapping what clearly wasn't working out), idk what i did on the 21st actually, had to scramble to finish cards on the 22nd, a friend was over on the 23rd until the 24th (by this point i knew i had two more fics to go orz), went to the mall and ended up being generally sick on the 24th, spent the 25th and 26th at a friend's house, went to a family dinner on the 26th evening, family friend party on the 27th, went out with a friend on the 28th, FINALLY A BREAK ON THE 29TH (which I mostly spent rolling around and sleeping), finished one fic on the 30th, wrote like...100 words of the second that night, went to bed, and finished it fast because a) people came over at 10 am and b) after that it was running around shopping for last minute things before going to the regular family friend new years party before going to the NYE party at my cousin's. Yikes. I also admit I have yet to read anything I've written except the first one hehe. The only thing was that...because Kelley pointed out the last section was italicised, I realised....I..........forgot..................a bracket. ksdjgksldjga;kldjh;sdkjhk;lds sdklgajsdlgkjsdkl;gjsda;lgjsdlkgjasldkgjlkdsgjsd YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW MUCH IT BOTHERED ME. AN OPEN PARENTHESES. AND I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I also ended up playing jigsaw puzzle with the first one, because I was really unhappy with how it was balanced. I think it was missing a few scenes but orz so tired.

...Anyway. I thought I'd post one version of each of the casualties. Herp derp derp.

#1 - Prompt followed was school AU, and tragic ending if possible

blah )

#2 SF

herp derp derp )
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I haven't made a journal entry of any sort in a very long time, but I felt like this journal felt a little too empty! I stopped making journal entries because if I have something to say, I usually say it on twitter right away haha.

...I don't actually have anything to say right now either! Um, I got people's cards, and they're on my shelf, and they make me really, really happy! I'm calling it my ~*shelf of love*~ because that's what it feels like, and that's what I feel every time I look at it.



Um, in terms of other Christmas things, I didn't really get any presents this year so I can't...make a list. I bought myself a playbook two months or so ago because it was on sale, and I guess that counts as a Christmas present!? I actually did ask for a book, but I think my parents forgot I guess I'll go buy it myself soon. Hehe, oh well, that was the plan originally anyway! So! Everything people sent in cards was great great great, because it really made my Christmas!

Oh, something else is that I recently got my G2 license - what this means is that I can now drive on the freeway! (As long as someone with a G license is sitting beside me.) I've only driven on the freeway once so far, and that was to a friend's house yesterday. It was...a little...scary. I guess I'll have to get used to it ;~~~~~~~~~;

...........................Um. In terms of that big chinese block up there, basically tonight I got dragged to my aunt and uncle's house and we had dinner with them and my aunt's mother and father who are going back to China in a few days, and I drank a lot. I also ate a lot. A lot a lot a lot. IT WAS SO GOOD. MY AUNT MADE DUMPLINGS AND THEY WERE DELICIOUS. And this salad thing, and noodles, and drumsticks, and just so much good food and I think I ate as much as I usually do in more than two meals it was ridiculous. And then there was cake. Ahahahahaha orz.

OKAY I'M DONE going to shut up now bye.


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